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At present time medicine is a complex and many-staged system of knowledge. It differenciates into dozens of correlated medical sciences. Each of them has its own subject and methods of research, problems and specific way(s) of correlation with the practical work.

Traditional medicine includes practical experience of the kinds and methods of treatment, which has been stored and conveyed from one generation to the other. Traditional medicine has an ancient roots and is found on the practical experience of people.

Science medicine includes the knowledge on treatment, which is based on the data/information of scientific and technical progress and it is also connected with the practical experiments. At the result of these experiments empirical knowledge and philosophic ideas are put into practice and scientific substanciated concepts, hypothesis and theories are created.

At present stage of the development of medicine close integration between scientific and traditional medicine, European and Asian/Eastern medicine becomes a very important aspect. The main aim for today is to strengthen more effectively health of people and also cure diseases more effectively.

What is useful on my web-page? You can know about the system "Strannik" and you can also load the programmes of diagnostics and treatment. You can get the information about the author of the web site, the methods of diagnostics and treatment, which he uses in his work. Specialists can read the articles on traditional medicine, get known with the technologies of diagnostics and treatment of different diseases.

In the section "It is interesting" you can know more about different approaches in treatment of diseases with the help of the methods of alternative medicine. From the section "Interesting Referenses" you can come/skip to the other sites, which are devoted to traditional medicine. Section "Suggestions" contains the information about the medical equipment which the author suggests, ways of treatment which are used abroad and other different commercial information.


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